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Clinicians across the healthcare ecosystem will benefit from automated real-time inventory control.
Continuum Solutions can deliver operational efficiencies beyond the inpatient hospital environment. The cloud-based features provide business analytic tools that help manage costs and product orders across multiple locations.

Drive Revenue with Continuum Real-time
Inventory and Charge Capture Systems 


Charge Capture Rate

10% Reduction

Reduction in Consumption Error Rate


For physician owned clinics and hospital owned DME distributors Continuum will: 

  • Facility revenue capture through improved charge reporting 
  • Improve traceability with digital chain of custody 
  • Identify record gaps in the CMS documentation 
  • Reduce clinician burden with automated inventory checks and reordering 
  • Provide cloud-based reporting to apply business analytics across locations 

Reduce Inventory Overhead and Improve
Staff Efficiencies with a DME Partner


Reduction in Billing Errors

<2 Min.

Clinical Documentation Per Case


The Continuum solution presents a unique cost savings opportunity for facilities and departments unable to directly bill for Medicare Part B reimbursement: 

  • Offload costs of inventory to DME provider 
  • Reduction in time for staff to perform inventory activities 
  • Documentation checks and digital chain of custody will cut down on lost inventory and rejected claims

Reduce Inventory Overhead and Improving Staff Efficiencies
by implemented Continuum Systems with NPWT Solutions

$36,000 Savings

Annual Savings per Pump

2611 Days

Rental Days Tracked


The Continuum ® NPWT System leverages RFID, GPS, and cloud-based software to achieve:

  • Integrated digital chain of custody and device tracking to avoid equipment loss
  • Clear visibility of daily billing and rental
  • Thorough integration with healthcare systems, insurance providers, and individual hardware

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