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Temple Touch Pro™ System

  • Non-Invasive: Simple, quick application minimizes the risk of infections and complications that might be generated from the use of invasive probes
  • Single Application for Entire Continuum of Care: Enables continuous and accurate temperature monitoring throughout diverse clinical settings (Pre-Op, OR, PACU, ICU) and all anesthesia types (general, local, and regional)
  • Fast: Proven to track and reflect changes in body temperature faster than invasive probes
  • Small, Lightweight Design for Temporal Placement: Easy to place sensor mitigates interference with other monitors (BIS), hairline, and eyebrow
  • Disposable:  Eliminates need for disinfection, saving time
  • Breakaway Cable: Easy disconnection and reconnection without compromising sensor securement
  • Gown Clip: Off-loads weight of sensor and cable, reducing chance of unintentional removal of sensor
  • Compatible with most multi-functional monitors and EMR systems
  • For use on patients of all ages
  • Non-sterile
The Temple Touch Pro System is intended to measure and monitor core body temperature of all patients of all ages, by applying the Sensor Unit on the temple.
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81-1020TTP Temple Touch Pro Kit
Kit Contents:
Monitor Connecting Unit (MCU)
Sensor Connecting Unit - Length 110"
Monitor Interfaace Extension Cable - Length 12.5"
Power Supply - Length 49"
1 each
81-1020SU Temple Touch Pro Sensor Unit 50/case
81-1020REF Temple Touch Pro Reference Units* 1 each
81-1020SM Temple Touch Pro Interface Cable - Siemens® Monitor Compatible - Length 11.8"** 1 each
81-1020HP Temple Touch Pro Interface Cable - HP®/Phillips® Monitor Compatible - Length 11.8"** 1 each
81-1020MR Temple Touch Pro Interface Cable - Mindray® Monitor Compatible - Length 11.8"** 1 each
81-1020400 Temple Touch Pro Interface Cable - 400 Series Extension - Length 11.8"  1 each

*Reference Units are used to check the accuracy of the Temple Touch Pro System once every 2 years.

**All trademarks used are property of their respective owners. 

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