Bolstering its worldwide growth in the medical waste fluid suction market, DeRoyal Industries, Inc. (DeRoyal) has been awarded a U.S. military Standardization Regional Incentive Agreement (RIA) for Europe.  This agreement covers all medical treatment facilities for the three services (Army, Air Force and Navy) throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East, amounting to approximately 25 facilities.

Michael Iekeler, DeRoyal’s International Vice President, stated, “Our company has made significant strides in recent years with the development of safer and more effective medical suction systems.  There have been few advances in the designs of these products over the last 30 years; but we feel we have corrected many of the safety issues that clinicians may have written-off as the norm.  This is particularly true with our SafeLiner® suction system.  Besides the large market share gains we have enjoyed in the United States over the last 8 years, we are experiencing phenomenal growth in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the South Pacific.  We believe this growth shows that we have introduced a safer and superior product onto the market, and we feel the U.S. military recognizes this with the Regional Incentive Agreement award.”

DeRoyal has been producing and selling disposable suction canisters for over 20 years, beginning with the Crytaline™ Rigid Suction Canisters.  With the acquisition of Waterstone Medical in 2002, DeRoyal added a line of specialty suction products specifically designed for procedures generating large volumes of waste fluid.  These include the OmniJug™, the DrainJug™, and the Puddle Guppy™ for aspiration of waste fluids from the operating room floor.  Other additions over the years include a critical measurement canister, for use when precise measurements of aspirated fluids are clinically necessary; and ReliaFlex™, a flexible suction liner system.

In addition to products for the aspiration and collection of medical waste fluid, DeRoyal also has products to facilitate their disposal.  With a full range of solidifiers, facilities can safely gel their waste fluids for transportation and disposal.  DeRoyal also offers the Aqua-Box®; a compact, stand-alone, wall-mounted unit that optionally adds a disinfectant before safely discarding the waste fluid down existing facility sewer lines.  The Aqua-Box® empties and discards fluid from any suction canister, liner, collection bag, kick bucket or other fluid collection source.

DeRoyal’s most recent addition – and the flagship product in this category – is the SafeLiner® Semi-Rigid Suction Liner System.  With a sturdier canister, larger vacuum ports, non-mechanical shut-off filter, and a lid that adheres, rather than snaps-on, SafeLiner® provides for a suction system that reduces waste fluid reflux and spills, improves suction flow, and is easy to use.

The entire line of DeRoyal’s suction systems are latex safe and DEHP free.