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  • Mile 3: Let's Talk Pressure

    by Marie Basarich | Feb 23, 2018
    On November 16th, 2017, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) created an initiative to bring awareness to our communities by announcing a “celebration” of World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day.
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  • Mile 2: Jetox™ - a solution for patients who cannot tolerate sharp debridement

    by Marie Basarich | Dec 08, 2014
    “With the introduction of Jetox™ into our clinic, we are now able to debride 5 patients on a weekly basis whom previously did not tolerate sharp debridement. What a godsend! I can tell you that patients are grateful for having found a modality which allows appropriate debridement with much reduced (or no) pain.” Harvey Hashimoto MD, Medical Director, Lodi Health Wound Treatment Center, Lodi, CA
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  • Mile 1: The Vulnerable Ankle

    by Marie Basarich | Nov 12, 2013
    From youth to high school and collegiate to pro, thousands of athletes take to the gridiron to participate in this great American past time. Unfortunately, with the coming of Fall and football, also come injuries.
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