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DeRoyal Textiles Division


DeRoyal Textiles provides high quality products to meet stringent product specifications at competitive prices. Whether you require a raw material component or a finished packaged product for aerospace, medical, industrial, wiping cloth products, consumer packaged products or food service textiles, you can rely on the diversity and dependability of DeRoyal Textiles.

Aerospace Products

  • Hermitex® Aerospace Wiping Cloths
  • Jiffy Roll Wipes
  • Cotton Tip Applicators/Cotton Swabs
  • Wooden Stirring/Depressor Sticks

Aerospace Products Overview (PDF)

Cheesecloth Products

  • Hermitex® Aerospace Wiping Cloths
  • Jiffy Roll Wipes
  • Double/Rolled Cheesecloth Bolts
  • Package-Ready Cheesecloth
  • Rolled Cloth
  • Graphic Arts Cheesecloths

Cheesecloth (PDF)

Industrial Woven Fabrics

  • Osnaburg Fabrics
  • Tape Support Fabrics
  • Starched Crinoline Fabrics (Bookbinding)
  • Coating & Laminating Fabrics
  • Specific Weight & Tensile Fabrics
  • Poplins
  • Sheetings
  • Greige Fabrics
  • Bleached Fabrics

Industrial Woven Fabrics (PDF)

Wiping Products

  • White Hospitality Towel
  • Red Utility/Shop Towel
  • Polishamie/Flannel Dust Cloths
  • New Bleached Knit Wipes
  • White Utility/Painter Towel
  • White Hand Towel
  • Bar Mops
  • Stain Pad
  • Surgical Towels
  • Gauze Sponges
  • Tack Cloth
  • Bag of Knits Wipes

Wiping Products Overview (PDF)

Towel Products

  • Terry Cloth Hand Towels
  • Microfiber Towels
  • Hospitality Towels
  • Surgical/Huck Towels

Towel Products Overview (PDF)

Microfiber Products

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Microfiber Waffle Cloths
  • Standard Loop Flat Wet Mops
  • Blue Shinny Microfiber Glass Cloth
  • Microfiber Pearl Weave Towels
  • Scrubbing Wet Flat Mop with Fringe
  • Scrubbing Wet Flat Mops
  • Microfiber Tube Mops
  • Fringed Dust Mops with Hook & Loop Backing
  • Horizontal Strip Scrubbing Mops
  • Microfiber Looped End General Purpose Mops
  • Lockable Mop Frames
  • Telescopic Aluminum Poles
  • Steel Poles with EVA Grips
  • Microfiber Pre-Packaged Mop/Cleaning Kit

Microfiber Products Overview (PDF)

Paint Sundries

  • Flannel Dusting Cloths
  • Paper/Plastic Drop Cloths
  • New White Cloth Wipes
  • Recycled White Wipes
  • Reclaimed Recycled Colored T-Shirt Wipes
  • New Colored Knit T-Shirt Wipes
  • Tack Cloth
  • Staining Pads
  • Spray Sock Hood
  • Cone Paint Strainers
  • Nylon Bucket Strainer
  • Cheese Cloth

Paint Sundries Overview (PDF)

Industrial Protective Gear

  • SPP Coverall
  • SMS Coverall
  • SPES Coverall
  • Disposable Respirator (N95)
  • Disposable Bouffant Cap
  • Shoe Covers
  • Boot Covers
  • Spray Sock Hood

Industrial Protective Gear Overview (PDF)

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