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Real-time inventory and charge capture system

Building on over 40 years of providing solutions to the health care industry, DeRoyal brings you the Continuum™ system.

Continuum is an automated inventory control and charge capture business solution designed to help you reduce costs, increase revenue, and maximize clinical efficiencies by knowing what you have in inventory, who uses each item, and on whom an item is used.

Using either Ultra-High Radio Frequency IDentification (UHF RFID) technology or a weight-based bin system, Continuum can integrate with your existing IT systems to provide a passive work flow for inventory control, point-of-use consumption, and patient charge capture.

Continuum provides real-time reporting that ensures the most accurate business analytics, and its customizable dashboards allow you to quickly and easily view your most important metrics.

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Weight-based: The Technology

PAR Bins dramatically changes the way Materials Management Departments serve their customers. By measuring and managing PAR Location product usage in near real time, supply decisions are made proactively rather than reactively. Hours spent on reconciliation and requisition can be re-deployed to better serve your customers.

KLAS Category Leader

For four consecutive years, PAR Excellence Systems has been ranked Category Leader in the Point of Use Inventory Management market segment published in the December 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions of "Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services."

PAR Bins

Utilizing the latest technology, PAR Bins weight-sensors automatically identify supply usage as it occurs, communicating to Materials Management for timely replenishment. Demand shifts are easily recognized and responded to, reducing service interruptions – all without distracting your clinical staff from patient care.

PAR Express

PAR Express utilizes PAR Bin’s weight-based technology to provide you with an automated solution for replenishment, cost accounting and patient charge activities. In addition to automatic supply replenishment, PAR Express rapidly displays the items removed from each bin for quick association to the patient and confirmation by the caregiver.


The PAR Excellence System can be secured with a choice of several access devices that include: card reader, key pad, fob, UHF RFID scan, or deadbolt/key lock. confirmation by the caregiver.

Weight-based System powered by PAR Excellence for exclusive use with DeRoyal Continuum™.

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