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Real-time inventory and charge capture system

Building on over 40 years of providing solutions to the health care industry, DeRoyal brings you the Continuum™ system.

Continuum is an automated inventory control and charge capture business solution designed to help you reduce costs, increase revenue, and maximize clinical efficiencies by knowing what you have in inventory, who uses each item, and on whom an item is used.

Using either Ultra-High Radio Frequency IDentification (UHF RFID) technology or a weight-based bin system, Continuum can integrate with your existing IT systems to provide a passive work flow for inventory control, point-of-use consumption, and patient charge capture.

Continuum provides real-time reporting that ensures the most accurate business analytics, and its customizable dashboards allow you to quickly and easily view your most important metrics.

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UHF RFID: The Technology

  • DeRoyal’s Continuum™ real-time inventory and charge capture system is comprised of three main components:, and . These components can be used independently or in any combination. All three components read a special Continuum UHF RFID tag that is present on inventory items and securely communicates with our cloud-based software. Continuum passively collects the most detailed and accurate data of any other offering in the industry, providing real-time supply visibility throughout the supply chain all the way to the point of use. The cloud-based reporting capabilities make accessing and analyzing data easier and quicker than ever, creating efficiencies for the best decision making possible. With accurate data, hospitals have the opportunity to create significant change in today’s healthcare industry. Increased pressure to decrease cost while increasing patient care and satisfaction has created the need for visibility and accurate data without the manual processes. DeRoyal also offers , an iOS® app to generate electronic proof of delivery of products dispensed to a patient.

    Continuum™ offers your facility:

    • Real-time, item-level supply visibility
    • Physician benchmarking
    • Supply expiration and waste management
    • Accurate usage and charge capture
    • Automated doctor performance cards
    • Digital chain of custody technology
    • Customizable web analytics dashboard

    Advanced Analytics

    The Continuum solutions work together to provide advanced analytics such as continuous inventory value and Continuum Performance Cards. Unlike traditional preference cards, the Continuum Performance Card takes into account what items are used on specific combinations of procedures in addition to other variables that may impact what is opened during a case.

  • Supply Usage and Charge Capture

    Continuum™ Safes are point-of-use, smart trash bins that read and analyze supplies used during a case. Taking the place of an existing trashcan, clinicians simply open items for use in the procedure area and dispose of them as normal. The Safe immediately captures accurate usage, cost, UDI details, and sends charge information to your EHR seamlessly. The Safe also alerts clinicians to both expired and off contract items. Through our cloud-based analytics dashboard, clinicians can easily analyze the data to improve efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

    Key Benefits:

    • Automated UDI capture
    • Continuum performance cards
    • Accurate physician case cost
    • Streamlined supply chain
    Continuum Safe
  • Secured Inventory Management

    Continuum™ Vaults are secure, inventory locations used to store and track high-value items. Using your existing storage areas, the Vault is retrofitted to create a monitored inventory storage space. The Vault provides a controlled access which automatically assigns products to a staff member or vendor using our authenticate-and-take process. The user signs into the room and items they remove are placed into their custody until they are returned or assigned to a patient via the Vault, Safe or Confirm.

    Continuum Vault
  • Open Inventory Tracking

    Continuum™ Links continuously read open inventory areas such as supply rooms, cores, and procedure rooms. Utilizing UHF RFID technology, the Link can continuously read the contents of designated areas. This not only allows constant monitoring of items on the shelf, but provides critical details such as out-of-stocks, inventory cost, and products nearing expiration. This also assists staff in quickly and easily locating items throughout the facility.

    Continuum Link
  • Remote Supply and Document Management

    Continuum™ Confirm is an app designed for use on iOS®. It is a point-of-use dispensing device used to assign products to patients and generate electronic proof of delivery. Continuum™ Confirm works seamlessly with a Continuum™ Vault or as a stand-alone system. The proof of delivery electronically signed by patients is automatically stored in the Continuum Cloud and is easily accessible along with each patient’s demographic and insurance information within the billing module.

    Continuum Confirm

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