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University of Tennessee Medical Center plans to expand use of Continuum OR system.

The University of Tennessee (UT) Medical Center, in Knoxville, plans to expand its use of a radio frequency identification system for tracking equipment trays and consumables within all of its 36 operating rooms. The solution, known as Continuum OR, was designed by health-care products company DeRoyal Industries, also based in Knoxville, in partnership with the UT Medical Center. Five of the hospital's ORs are already using the technology to track every item used for each surgery, based on a reading of the RFID tag on that item's wrapper as the tagged packaging is thrown into a trash bin. The UT Medical Center is also considering the use of fixed and handheld readers to perform inventory counts of medical supplies stored on shelves in its operating rooms, and to record which surgical supplies are being used on each patient.

Read entire RFiD Journal Article here.

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